• Aniseed
    240.00 3,200.00

    Aniseed essential oil is extracted from the seeds of the herb Pimpinella anisum. It has a pungent liquorice-like smell and is also known as anise and sweet cumin. The oil is extracted by steam distillation from the dried ripe fruit and seeds.

  • Bergamot
    280.00 3,550.00

    Bergamot essential oil is a cold-pressed essential oil produced by cells inside the rind of a bergamot orange fruit. Its sweet light orange peel. Its greenish yellow color. The rind of both ripe and unripe fruit is used to extract the oil by expression.

  • Cajeput
    450.00 4,100.00

    Cajeput essential oil botanical name is Melaleuca Cajupati . Cosmetics and perfumes, it was also well known for its antiseptic properties and it’s a very traditional remedy for the stomach,

  • Camphor
    150.00 1,230.00

    Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, carminative. Camphor oil has been used in the treatment of nervous depression, acne, inflammation, arthritis, muscular aches and pains, sprains, rheumatism, bronchitis, coughs, colds, fever, flu and infectious diseases.

  • Cedarwood
    380.00 2,400.00

    Cedarwood essential oil comes from the oil of cedars of Lebanon trees found in Morocco. The oil from the trees is a syrupy, yellow, balsamic oil with a scent resembling turpentine. It is also found on the hills of the Himalayas in north India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.Cedarwood essential oil is extremely comforting oil that possesses a wood-like pleasant scent.

  • Chamomile German
    5,100.00 44,100.00

    German Chamomile has the properties that consist anti- allergenic, anti inflammatory, relief from skin irritation, Joint & muscle pain, strengthen immune system, relief from cold & congestion,

  • Chamomile Roman
    3,700.00 49,500.00

    Chamomile Roman has vast range of herbaceous benefits which is the most popular among herbal tea. It fights anxiety, depression, relieves allergy, reduces insomnia, boosts skin,

  • Cinnamon
    340.00 2,800.00

    The cinnamon tree is an evergreen tree native to China, India and Vietnam. It has shiny, leathery green leaves, and small, white flowers with purple berries.

  • Clary Sage
    1,050.00 7,160.00

    Salviasclaris, the clary or clary sage, is a biennial or short-lived herbaceous perennial in the genus Salvia. It is native to the northern Mediterranean Basin, along with some areas in north Africa and Central Asia. The plant has a lengthy history as a medicinal herb, and is currently grown for its essential oil.

  • Cypress
    270.00 3,300.00

    Cypress essential oil is from Cupressus sempervirens of the Cupressaceae family and is also known as Italian or Mediterranean cypress.Cypress has been used in medicinal healing. The leaves, twigs and cones of the Cupressus sempervirens are steam distilled to form the essential oil.

  • Eucalyptus
    360.00 3,850.00

    Eucalyptus tree belong to the plant family Myrtaceae, which is native to Australia, Tasmania and nearby islands. In Spain, the timber of Eucalyptus was used in construction. The 'eu' and 'kalypto' means 'well' and 'covered' in Greek, referring to the cup-like membrane that covers the flower bud, which is thrown off as the flower expands.

  • Frankincense
    230.00 2,700.00

    Frankincense was harvested from the trees of Southeren Arabia, which is the major exporter of Frankincense, it is also originated in other middle Eastern countries with abundant pinnacle leaves and has white or pale pink flowers.

  • Geranium
    450.00 6,400.00

    Geranium is the most popular among essential oil which is grown in Africa and was anciently used in Egyptian history & also used in Morocco , Italy & Spain. It has therapeutic properties & pleasant fragrance. Geranium essential oil distilled from the leaves of a number of species, varieties and strains of Pelargonium.

  • Ginger
    900.00 12,300.00

    Ginger oil’s botanical name is Zingiber Officinale. It has been used as a medicine since time immemorial & its recorded in both Sanskrit and Chinese texts and is also mentioned,

  • Grapefruit
    450.00 3,880.00

    Grapefruit’s high vitamin c content provides better immune system, cures cold & flu, remove excess water from the body. Grapefruit oil is also added to creams and lotions as a natural toner,

  • Jasmine Grandi
    3,450.00 45,500.00

    Jasmine is an evergreen, fragile, climbing shrub, that has dark green leaves and small white star-shaped flowers, which are picked at night, when the aroma is most intense. Jasmine originates from China and Northern India, it was brought to Spain by the Moors, with France, Italy, Morocco, Egypt, China, Japan and Turkey producing the best essential oil.

  • Junniper Berry
    410.00 3,200.00

    The history of Juniper berries is thousands of years old and native to Northern Hemisphere. In ancient times, the Romans, Greeks and Egyptians used it for various purposes and used as a herb to treat health issues like to clean kidney and bladder infection, increase physical stamina and tuberculosis etc. Even they used in culinary dishes for flavoring the food and alcholic beverages.

  • Lavender
    300.00 3,000.00

    Lavender essential oil makes you calm, cures insomnia, anxiety, relieve muscle spasms, eliminate harmful bacteria, treat impurities and itchiness of skin enveloping you .

  • Lemon
    300.00 3,300.00

    Lemon tree is a small evergreen tree native to Asia. It is believed that it brought to Europe in 15th century and was used by ancient Egyptians and Romans to treat infection diseases.

  • Lemongrass
    450.00 3,200.00

    Lemongrass is a herb native to India and other tropical regions such as Africa, Asia and Australia which has been used traditionally for medical, cosmetic and culinary purposes. It was believed that lemongrass oil has been exported as early as the 17th century by the Philippines called as " tanglad."

  • Lime
    40.00 3,050.00

    Lime originates in Asia, which is now cultivated in most warm countries, especially Italy, the West Indies and the Americas. It is an evergreen tree growing up to 4.5 meters (15 feet) high with smooth, green leaves, stiff sharp spines and small, white flowers.

  • Litsea Cubeba
    550.00 6,000.00

    Litseacubeba has been used throughout the history as a traditional Chinese medicine to treat digestive problems, muscle pain, asthma and backaches. It is cultivated commercially in China, Japan and Java for its essential oil. The healing properties and benefits of this plant have been known for thousands of years.

  • Mandarin
    500.00 3,450.00

    According to genetic studies, it is believed to have first grown in Indonesia or Southeast Asia. Arabian traders may have taken limes as well as lemons from India to the Eastern Mediterranean countries and North Africa around 1000 CE. Later on, these were introduced to West Indies by Christopher Columbus in 1493 and then distributed to Mexico and Florida.

  • Marjoram
    810.00 6,400.00

    Marjoram oil is originated Origanum marjorana (also known as Origanum hortensis) of the Labiatae family and is also known as knotted marjoram. Marjoram originated from the Mediterranean region, the word "Origanum" is from the Greek word 'orosganos' meaning 'joy of the mountain' and was given to newlyweds as token of good fortune.

  • Mentha
    550.00 3,800.00

    The origin of Mentha oil is believed to be 3000 years old and still trusted to be cultivated by Europe for the first time and then Japan led it on commercial scale. Further it spread to India, Japan and North Africa countries. History also indicates that, Mentha was used for treating pain, stomach aches and inflammation by Native Americans. Nowadays, 80% of the world's total production of Mentha oil is exported by India and it's one of the larger producer of Mentha oil.

  • Neroli
    2,180.00 15,750.00

    History lists a number of myths about the origin of its name. One tale tells that the Neroli has been used in Ayurveda for thousands of years and 'Neroli' word is derived from the Sanskrit word 'Nagranj'. Another states that princess of Italy, Nerola introduced this essence to the world by using it as a perfume for her gloves and bath. Also used firstly in Southeast Asia and then brought by India, China and Mediterranean.

  • Orange Sweet
    330.00 3,200.00

    The precise origin of orange sweet is a mystery but the two takes are associated with it. One tale states that the orange sweet travelled first from Libya to Europe and later on spread to other countries where another states that it's origin as somewhere in between Himalaya and the south Western China.

  • Palmarosa
    500.00 5,000.00

    Palmarosa is native to India and has since been used in Ayurvedic and oriental medicine for centuries to treat skin-problems. In China, Palmarosa is considered a Yin-type food as it can calm bodily and spiritual-fieriness. Palmarosa is a wild-growing plant and grown in India and elsewhere. Due to it needs wetlands, it is particularly grown in Nepal.

  • Peppermint
    750.00 4,500.00

    Peppermint oil is excellent for mental fatigue and depression, refreshing the spirit and stimulating mental agility and improving concentration. It helps to cure headache, migraine, nervous stress etc. For the digestive system, peppermint oil is effective for a range of ailments, as it stimulates the gall bladder ,and can relieve pain in cases of toothache, aching feet, rheumatism, muscular pains.

  • Rose
    8,500.00 100,950.00

    The history of Rose oil is over 300 years old and also known as "Rose otta" worldwide. In Ayurveda, held as Lord krishna's favourite flower, it is 70 million old and used to balance the "Sadhaka pitta" which controls the heart feelings. On the other hand, it is also believed that rose planations appeared around the city of Kazanlak (now Bulgaria) around 16th century.

  • Rosemary
    380.00 3,000.00

    The history of Rosemary dates back to 500 B.C when it was used by the ancient Greeks and Romans as a culinary and medicinal herb. It's also known as "herb of rememberance" used for wedding and death and other decorative purposes. Even Rosemary was believed to banish evil-spirits and it was burned in sick rooms as a disinfectant and forward-off the plague.

  • Runes Reading Course
    7,200.00 6,600.00

  • Sandalwood
    50.00 200.00

    The history of sandalwood is approximately 3000 years old and it's origin countries are India and Australia. According to history, Goddess Parvati, Lord shiva's consort, used the paste of sandalwood to create Lord Ganesha. It was used for spirituality by Hindus and budhists. Even for ornate articrafts for showcasing luxurious interiors.

  • Tea Tree
    750.00 5,100.00

    The roots of Tea tree essential oil is thousands of years old and from Australia. The leaves were used to treat fungus infection and even to make mudpack. Tea tree essential oil came into existence when Australian Dr. Arthur Penfold  researched it's antiseptic properties and later on it was also used to treat the wounders of world-war 2.

  • Test
    10.00 9.00

  • Vetiver
    3,200.00 36,000.00

    Due to its grounding and deeply scent property, Vetiver is native to India and Sri Lanka. In past times, Vetiver plants were used for making perfumes, soaps and cosmetics and even for cooling beverages and sorbet flavouring. In Ayurveda, Vetiver oil was respected for it's spirituality inspiring aroma and remedial qualifies.

  • Ylang Ylang
    500.00 3,200.00

    The Ylang-ylang essential oils has been used for it's perfumery fragrance and  for aromatherapy in ancient times. It is native to India, Indonesia, Australia and Malaysia. At the beginning of 20th century, French chemists discovered it's medicinal usages and used to treat Malaria, Typhus and Intestinal infections. The essential oil was popularly famous due to its aroma for wedding nights.

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