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Essential oils are derived from natural plants & herbs that have an exclusive range of natural benefits & uses.
Essential oils have been enhancing our lives since time immemorial, as these are the purest form of Aromatherapy & Natural well being. Essential oils are used for spiritual healing , cosmetics, medicines, Aromatherapy ,Spa & much more .These essential oils relives you from anxiety, depression , insomnia & mood swings too and has many other benefits too.
Using these essential oils is not a tricky idea as we are here to assist you & guide you to enjoy the benefits of your essential oils.
Essential oils have an aromatic fragrance that soothes your spirits & bring a positive stability in life. Using them in diffusers is an easy way out for the enhancing environment all around. One can enjoy the benefits of our pure essential oils in many ways.

Spiritual Bracelets

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline crystal is a powerful tool of protection against negative energy of all kinds incuding psychic protection. Its crystals cleanse the aura of icky thought pattern. This braclet is considered as protection & elimination of negative energy.

Health & Good Luck

A combination of two crystals Amethyst & green aventurine. Amethyst promotes a sense of good judgement, aids in meditation to find deeper peace, aids sleep, dreaming, brings legal prosperity & abundance, that enhance good luck.
Green Aventurine is know as a healing crystal with benefits for liver, sinuses, & heart. It cleanses the Heart Chakra.

Money Magnet

Money magnet bracelet has a power to enhance wealth for both professionals & for business owners too. Money magnet braclet attracts good luck & prosperity that helps in attracting money to the person.

Love Attraction

Love attraction bracelet has the property to attract happiness, love & stability in life. It clears the heart chakra & speaks directly to our heart as this bracelet has clear quartz crystal which clears the aura of our heart that further enhances our intution power.

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